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Forex Trendy Review



Product Type: Forex Trend Analysis Service

Price: $37/quarter


Forex Trendy is a powerful membership service that can save trend traders hours of analysis work every week. Forex Trendy automatically identifies trends and patterns across dozens of currency pairs and every time-frame, making it easy for traders to make the decision to buy or sell.

How Does Forex Trendy Work?

In a nutshell, Forex Trendy has servers which constantly scan every currency pair and time frame looking for trends and emerging patterns. Every trend and pattern it identifies immediately goes up on the website, where you can view them in graph or text form. Clients are able to stay up-to-date on every currency pair without having to use their broker software to single-handily analyze every chart.

After logging into, you will see three different pages: Trends, Patterns, and Settings. The service is simple and customizable, with the Settings page allowing you to deselect any pair and time frame you don’t want to deal with and set audio or email alerts for new trends and completed patterns.

The Trends page displays up to 20 live charts, showing you what it’s software has determined to be the best and most reliable current trends. Each chart has several pieces of information: the currency pair, the time frame, the direction of the trend, and the trend drawdown percentage. The trend drawdown percentage is hugely important as it is used to calculate risk. A 15%/72 pip drawdown means that the largest reversal in the current trend was a 15%, or 72 pips. Many traders, when setting up stop losses on such a trend, will set their stop loss for just over 72 pips, the idea being that a drawdown of over 72 pips heralds the end of the trend. The most risk-adverse traders will not enter a trade on a trend that has a drawdown greater than 20%.

The Patterns page displays any emerging pattern the software has spotted, including Flags, Triangles, Trend Lines, and Wedges. It would take hours to manually go through every currency pair and every time frame to find all current patterns. Forex Trendy does it instantly, and shows them to you with live charts so you can accurately determine your entry price and stop loss points.

Here is an example of a completed pattern as seen on Forex Trendy’s website:


Placing your mouse on the chart will show you the price of your mouse location.




Forex Trendy Features

  • Full access to up-to-date trend and pattern analysis of 34 currency pairs on multiple time frames.
  • Audio and email alerts for new trends and completed patterns.
  • Live charts of 34 currency pairs on multiple time frames.
  • Drawdown calculation for every trend on every pair in every time frame.
  • The ability to remove pairs and time frames from the Trends and Patterns analysis.
  • Market trend omniscience.
  • Ebook explaining Forex trends and patterns.
  • Automatic analysis using only price action and charts.

 Review-Hub Final Verdict

Forex Trendy is a powerful tool for any Forex trader who prefers to trade with the market and not against it. This is not for reversal traders or those who trade only on specific candlesticks. Forex Trendy is also not a trading bot, nor a get-rich-quick product. But if you like trading trends, this product can save you countless hours every week. It takes the guess work out of spotting trends, and it takes the detailed manual analysis out of looking for patterns. Forex Trendy, put simply, gives you the information you need to make smart trading decisions.

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My personal experience with Forex Trendy

This is not part of the review. This is simply some information regarding my personal use of the product for those interested in my trading strategy.

I am a very passive forex trader. I identify trends, put in a small order, and then check back in a week. I only close my orders when I feel that the trend is about to reverse, or has already reversed. Identifying trends used to take some work. I would have to open up multiple pairs and look for trends on either the 4-hour or 1-day time frames (I was too lazy to use any additional time frames). Forex Trendy has completely eliminated any analysis on my part, as minuscule as that analysis may have been. For that alone, it is worth it’s price.

I purchased Forex Trendy 4 days ago, and I have already captured over 300 pips. I simply went through all of the trends Forex Trendy spotted on any time over 1 hour, and placed an order corresponding to the trend. I then left my orders alone for 3 days. This is true passive profit.

As the laziest of Forex traders, I can personally recommend Forex Trendy.


VideoMakerFX Review



Creator: Peter Roszak

Product Type: Video Creation Software

Price: $37 (with 100-day money back guarantee)

Launch Date: 2014-5-5

Videos convert leads three times more often than other mediums for advertisement. It takes time, skill, and often money to create good videos. VideoMakerFX is an all-in-one marketing video creator, with features such as animated characters and infographics, and instantaneous effects editing. This software is aimed at anyone who has a need for video marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. The videos are bright and attention-grabbing, and they take only minutes to make.

You can find six sample videos made in VideoMakerFX here.

How Does VideoMakerFX Work?

The software is surprisingly simple. Each video is made up of scenes, or slides. But these are not regular, boring, PowerPoint-like slides. One one side of the software, you see the slide play out; on the other side, you have all the options for effects, animations, text, and characters. As you select animations and put in text, the slide instantly updates, showing you what the finished product looks like in real time. At the bottom of the program, much like in iMovie, all the slides are lined up in play order, ready to be viewed and edited. You can export your completed video in minutes. The final product looks organized, professional, and fun.

VideoMakerFX Features

  • Over 50 Slides/Scenes, with more coming every month
  • Media and Music
  • Training
  • Marketing Presentations
  • CPA/Affiiate Themes
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Kinetic Infographics, Explainer Videos, Slideshows and Sales Videos

VideoMakerFX vs. Other Options

With video marketing becoming so popular, there are many services out there offering to make you videos. It is extremely simple to go on Fiverr and pay someone to make you a 30-second video, but using Fiver can quickly add up. Sellers often charge more for an HD copy, and if you buy 4 or 5 videos, you’re already nearing the one-time payment price of VideoMakerFX. I suspect, as well, that Fiver sellers will start using VideoMakerFX themselves.

You could also go the professional route. Hiring a video production firm or freelancer can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and get you a product that will resemble what VideoMakerFX can do.

You could make the video yourself. If you have no experience making marketing videos, you will have to spend precious time training yourself to use expensive software, or you will end up with a glorified slideshow. Or just a normal slideshow.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

VideoMakerFX is an affordable and easy way to make an unlimited number of high-quality marketing videos. It is well worth its price.

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App Rush Academy Review

App Rush Academy Overview

Creator: Jeff Gould

Launch Date: 2014-5-1

Product Type: Video Series

Price: Free Starter Series

App Rush Academy is a free 4-part educational video series that teaches you the ins and outs of the mobile app industry and gets you started making your first mobile game app. Each video is about 30 minutes long, narrated by the product’s creator, Jeff Gould. The content of the videos range from myths about app development to how to break into and dominate the various app stores.

Along with the videos, you also get a pdf outlining everything he teaches in the videos and a download of an actual game project with the necessary sounds, images, and code, so you can see what goes into making a mobile game.

Thoughts on App Rush Academy

With the recent success of Flappy Bird, it is clear that making a quality, popular video game for mobile devices does not have to take much time or money. All that is needed is a little knowledge and a great idea (or a new take on an old idea, which is what Flappy Bird did).

Everyone needs a place to start, and with the app industry, App Rush Academy is as good a place to start as any. The first video details five essential steps for making money with apps. This video serves as inspiration for really taking app development seriously.

The second video shows you five myths about making mobile games and teaches you how to research the app marketplace and plan an app using common tools. This video comes with a list of definitions and a downloadable example of the app planning stage.

The third and fourth videos will be available when the product launches. They will show you how to actually build and market apps.

Who is App Rush Academy For?

This video series is for anyone who looks at an app store and wishes he or she had a product up there generating true passive income.  It is for anyone who wants to replicate the success of games like Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush Saga, or anyone who wants to make their ideas available to the world. App development is a multi-billion dollar industry, and anyone who wants a piece of that should give App Rush Academy a look.

App Rush Academy is for beginners. If you have experience in app development, there are definitely better educational resources for you to check out.

Review-Hub Bottom Line

App Rush Academy is informative, interesting, and, above all, free. There is really no reason not to take a little bit of time to give it a shot. You may realize you don’t really want to make a mobile game after all, or the videos may inspire you to actually start a new and exciting career.

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Trust Jacker Review


Trust Jacker Overview

Creator: Rob Jones

Launch Date: 2013-11-4

Product Type: Link Shortening

Price: $39.95

Trust Jacker is a link-shortening software that adds unblock-able advertisements (banner or pop-up) to the destination sites. Rob Jones uses the example of linking Facebook fans to a page on Many people will click that link, because they trust When people close the page, Trust Jacker shows them your ad. Simple, but pretty powerful. Trust Jacker is similar to, but you can choose the ad shown to viewers, making the possibilities for profits much greater than

Thoughts on Trust Jacker

Trust Jacker is very innovative and powerful.

Sending traffic to affiliate websites or your own landing pages is difficult. Say you are trying to market your page on Twitter. No one wants to click a link to a site called or These sites just look shady. They look like they are trying to push a product. Exponentially more people are willing to click a link to a big-name site, a trustworthy site. They will click a link to an article on where she talks about diets. And after they read the Oprah article, they will be automatically directed to your weight-loss holy grail site.

I see Trust Jacker being used extensively on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and all those other social media sites. Trust Jacker is the perfect way to monetize a Facebook fan page. To use the weight-loss example again, say you have a Facebook Fan page about diets. Your fans are more than willing to click on links to major news and lifestyle sites with articles about diets.

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Trust Jacker Features

  1. Sharing links is as simple as copying and pasting.
  2. Fast setup.
  3. Works with SEO traffic, paid traffic, email and video marketing, forum links, social media marketing, and more.
  4. Full, responsive support.
  5. 30-day money back guarantee.

Who is Trust Jacker For?

Trust Jacker is for any internet marketer who wants another way to send traffic to their affiliate links, landing pages, ads, personal sites, client sites, etc. Trust Jacker is also for anyone who wants to make money online, and who is willing to spend a little time doing so.

This product is easy to use, but it takes some effort and creativity to truly make the most out of it. You must be willing to search for quality articles and web pages on trustworthy sites, determine weather your target audience will be willing to click to those sites (this may take some research or trial and error). You also need to find a CPA or affiliate offer that will work best with your intended audience.

For people already making money in internet and affiliate marketing, Trust Jacker can only increase your earnings. For people just starting out, Trust Jacker can get you your first pay check.

Review-Hub Bottom Line

Trust Jacker is a level above most of the products reviewed on Review-Hub. Trust Jacker is a creative, effective, and intelligent way of making money online. The idea of leveraging the trustworthiness of established sites is new and interesting. This software is highly recommended. Click the button below to learn more about it.

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YouTube Cash Blueprints Review


YouTube Cash Blueprints Overview

Creator: Patric Chan and Gerald Soh

Launch Date: 2013-10-29

Product Type: Video Marketing Guide

Price: $47 (with 60-day money back guarantee)

The YouTube Cash Blueprints program teaches you 4 YouTube business models that are used by internet marketers around the world. The business models are titled: (1) The YouTube Store, (2) Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing, (3) The Lead Generation Blueprint, (4) “Cloning” The YouTube Model. There is a fifth component to YouTube Cash Blueprints,  a guide to getting affiliate commissions with product launches. The fifth component includes a number of case studies to back up the program’s point, that it is, with a little work, possible to make money on YouTube.

Thoughts on YouTube Cash Blueprints

The worst kept secret of internet marketing is that there is no “holy grail” method to making tons of money. Successful internet marketers work harder than the unsuccessful ones, and that is the truth. Which brings me to one thing I like about YouTube Cash Blueprints. YouTube Cash  Blueprints is not one of those “easy-button” programs which promise untold fortunes. YouTube Cash Blueprints is a series of tried-and-true methods that others use to make money on YouTube. The methods and straight-forward, meaning you can easily see how they can earn money. These business models work. I see YouTube videos using the same strategies all the time. These business models are not exactly secret, but the value of Youtube Cash Blueprints is that you have easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes all in one place. You don’t have to search around the in deep recesses of shady internet marketing forums for the strategies.

This is all to say that, if at the end of the YouTube Cash Blueprints program, you do not make any money, it is because you did not actually take the time to implement the business models.

Who Is YouTube Cash Blueprints For?

YouTube Cash Blueprints is for anyone who wants to break into the growing video marketing industry. YouTube is becoming the center of internet marketing for several reasons. First, YouTube is free to use; you don’t have to spend money on a domain name and hosting just to do some affiliate marketing. Second, YouTube is extremely popular. Many people would rather watch a video than read an article, and the videos often convert better anyway. Third, YouTube is owned by Google, and, for this reason, internet marketers often find that they can get a YouTube video to the front page of Google far faster than they can get a website or article to the front page.

If you want to give this whole “YouTube thing” a shot, if you realize that, hey, it isn’t 2009 anymore, internet marketing is evolving, then the YouTube Cash Blueprints program is for you.

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YouTube Cash Blueprints Features

Blueprints comes with 4 YouTube buisiness models complete with step-by-step guides and in-depth explanations. Possible applications of these models range from affiliate marketing and dropshipping, to email lead generation and advertising.

The program also comes with a “launch commissions blueprint” made up of 3 case studies detailing how the program’s creator made, respectively, #257, $477, and $1,010, each with an hour’s worth of work.

Also included are several bonuses. One teaches you how to make YouTube videos, another how to rank your videos with SEO. Another gives you 400+ photos and graphics to use in your videos.

You can use these blueprints to:

  1. Start an online business with physical or electronic products
  2. Generate a passive income
  3. Create a large email list to use for yourself or sell
  4.  Actively seek out product launches and make commissions from them.
  5.  And more.

YouTube Cash Blueprints Price

One-time payment of $47. No subscription or recurring charges.

Review-Hub Verdict

YouTube Cash Blueprints contains loads of useful information for anyone who wants to start marketing on YouTube. You could spend weeks trying to seek out the same information on forums. The value of YouTube Cash Blueprints is that all the information is in the same place, and is easy to use and understand. As with most internet marketing products, there is a money back guarantee. 60 days, in this case, which is twice as long as most other products. So take a look by clicking the link below.

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Surveys Paid Overview

Product Type: Membership Site

Price: $34

Refund Period: 60 Days is a home survey site that offers members the chance to complete surveys for cash. The sales page claims that, at Sureveys Paid, you can “earn a full time income from home.” This is not realistic. You can certainly earn some extra money at Surveys Paid, but the cost of the site is not worth paying. For a better survey membership site, look at Get Cash For Surveys. Surveys Paid is not Recommended.


Real Writing Jobs Review


Real Writing Jobs Overview

Product Type: Membership Site

Price: $34/month is a membership-based website which purports to connect writers with contractors, claiming to have dozens of such leads available to members. Real Writing Jobs does what it claims, but in a fairly deceptive manner. First, the site claims that you can get paid $125 an article, yet high paying jobs are not available to new members. You are more likely to get paid $5 an article. Second, the site tries to get members by offering a month of membership for $2.95, after which they will charge you $34 for the next month if you have not canceled.

Is Real Writing Jobs Worth the Price?

In short, no, Real Writing Jobs is not worth $34 a month, a pretty outrageous price considering there are free alternatives such as

Review-Hub Final Verdict

Review-Hub does not recommend Real Writing Jobs. But if you still want to try it out, click the link below.

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P1 Content Magnet Review


P1 Content Magnet Overview

Creator: Peter Garety

Product Type: WordPress Plugin

Launch Date: 2013-7-23

Price: $19.95 to $49.95

Refund Period: 30 Days

Is your website fully search engine optimized? This is what P1 Content Magnet claims to accomplish. P1 Content Magnet is a WordPress plugin that emulates a Google crawler bot to let you look at your WordPress blog through the eyes of Google. It also gives you suggestions on word frequency, rich media content, Google Authorship, so that you can write posts that get your site to the front page of Google.

As far as SEO tools go, P1 Content Magnet is one of the most unique products that this website has reviewed.

How Does P1 Content Magnet Work?

P1 Content Magnet is installed the same way as any other WordPress plugin. Once activated, it will appear when you are creating or editing posts or pages. When writing a post, P1 will suggest ways to optimize your content.

Some things that P1 suggests you do are pretty obvious. It tells you to include rich media in every post, i.e, Youtube videos and pictures. Anyone who has been in the SEO business for a while knows that Google likes pages with rich media. P1 also tells you that each post should be marked up with Google Authorship. This may not be as obvious. A recent SEO study concluded that Google gives the highest value to pages with Google Plus integration. So be sure to keep that in mind.

Rich media content and Google Authorship aside, P1 has a lot to offer. For instanc, this plugin analyzes your post for word frequency. Exact keyword phrases are not as important to Google as having all the components of the keyword phrase included in your article with some frequency. If the keyphrase is “Katy Perry,” Google wants to see the words “Katie” and “Perry” in your article multiple times. But not too many times, as keyword supersaturation can look suspicious. P1 will optimize your content for word frequency from your highest priority word to your lowest priority word.

P1 Content Magnet will also suggest LSI words (keyword synonyms and words related to your keyword) making your content more trustworthy and relevant in the eyes of a Google bot.

Another thing P1 Content Magnet does is track the rank of individual posts. You can look at your highest ranked post and compare it to your lowest rank post using P1 Content Magnet, allowing you to see what works and use P1’s suggestions to fully optimize all your pages. P1 will track the rank of pages for primary keywords as well as secondary keywords.

P1 Content Magnet Price

  1. Single Website License price: $19.95
  2. 25 Websites License price: $29.95
  3. 100 Websites License price: $49.95

The main page states that these prices are subject to change.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

P1 Content Magnet is the most unique and effective WordPress plugin that this website has reviewed. Though there are many ways to optimize your webpage, P1 takes all the hassle out of it. You won’t have to research the best SEO strategies, and you wont have to constantly check Google Webmaster Tools to look at changes in your rank. All of that is done in-site, using a plugin. This product is highly recommended. If you are unsure whether it can help you, you can still try it out and get your money back within 30 days.

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Rapid Content Wizard Review

Rapid Content Wizard Review

Rapid Content Wizard Overview

Creator: Sean Donahoe

Product Type: Content Generator

Price: $37

Rapid Content Wizard is a software program that creates Google-friendly, niche-focused content at the click of a button. It will even post the content for you on your WordPress blog.  It works by skimming the internet for content related to your niche. It collects full paragraphs, puts them into an article, and then spins (replaces words, phrases, and whole sentences) the article so that it is unique. The result is a completely unique article that is perfect for SEO.

Who is Rapid Content Wizard For?

Not everyone will find this software useful. The articles that Rapid Content Creator skims and spins are not meant to be read by humans. They are meant to be crawled by Google for purposes of backlinking and Search Engine Optimization. If your blog is focused on quality content, and that is what your readers expect, then Rapid Content Creator will not be able to replace your hand-written articles. However, if you want your website to rank higher on Google, Rapid Content Creator is very useful. It can be integrated into any backlinking strategy. Simply put your links into a newly and instantly created article and spread the article across the internet.

One great thing about Rapid Content Creator is that it works with WordPress to post the articles directly on your site. It can also schedule queued posts so that you can set up, say, ten or more posts and set them to be delivered to your site at any time without any effort. This is great if you have a network of blogs that you use to create quality backlinks. Simply schedule a number of posts to be created and sent to each blog, and let Rapid Content Creator skim, spin, and post the articles for you in a timely manner that looks natural to Google, keeping your sites fresh and new in Google’s eyes. Even better, sell your ability to skim, spin, and post articles instantly to Fiverr. Imagine getting paid five dollars just to click a button.

Rapid Content Wizard is not just useful for backlinking. Say you have a website which sells a service, any service. Google likes fresh content, so you need to keep a blog on your site updated just to stay rank. But the blog is not vital to your business plan, it is just there for the purposes of SEO. Rapid Content Wizard can keep your blog updated with one or more fresh blog article every day. You just tell it how often you want the content posted, and it will do all the work.

Pros and Cons


  • Hands-free blog updating.
  • Unique articles at the click of a button.
  • Scheduled posting.
  • Industry standard 30-day money back guarantee.


  • The articles are lacking in quality and human-readability.
  • Not a replacement for real blogging.

Rapid Content Wizard Price

Rapid Content Wizard costs $37. It will not give you quality content, but the software pays for itself in its ability to create articles for backlinking and keeping your site fresh.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

Rapid Content Wizard can save you a lot of time, it can increase your Google ranking with very little effort on your part. But, it is not for everyone. You can try it out and get your money back if you don’t think it was worth it.


Market Samurai Review

Market-Samurai- review

Market Samurai Overview

Creator: Noble Samurai

Product Type: Keyword Analysis Software

Price: $149

Market Samurai is an extremely popular multi-purpose marketing tool that aids you in niche marketing research. Some of Market Samurai’s features include a rank checker, SEO competition analysis, keyword research, domain research, instant affiliate ads, content searching and publishing, and backlinking. Though Market Samurai is mostly used for its keyword analysis, it is sort of an all-in-one online marketing tool.

>>>CLICK HERE to access a 30-day free trial of Market Samurai<<<

Who is Market Samurai For?

Market Samurai is for almost any internet marketer or SEO specialist. If you are in any way involved in the strange and ever-evolving field of SEO, Market Samurai can certainly help you out.

This software has essential tools that can make your life much easier. First, it monitors your marketing results, telling you what words and methods are getting the most responses and clicks, and which ones are simply not working out, thus allowing you to optimize your marketing.

Second, it analyzes the SEO competition of any keyword, clearly showing you which keywords are open for the taking and which have highly entrenched websites. You can also look up a certain competitor and find out what keywords and meta tags it is using, letting you learn from the best.

Third, Market Samurai locates available domains according to keywords that you input, letting you find catchy names and exact keyword matches.

Fourth, Market Samurai can help you write copy by finding websites and blogs with the information you need. IT also traces your own articles online.

Fifth, and best, this software performs extensive keyword analysis much more quickly than the Google keyword tool. It will tell you how many people Google your exact keyword every month, and, among many other things, how high the Cost Per Click is on that keyword or keyphrase.

Take a look at the results for the keyword “dog training.” You can see that it gives you a list of the top Google results for that keyword, along with how many backlinks each website has so you can have a perfect understanding of the competition.


Market Samurai’s Analysis of the keyword “dog training.”

If the above the above picture looks confusing to you, don’t worry. Market Samurai has a steep learning curve, but there are dozens of tutorials online to help you out.

Market Samurai Price

Market Samurai costs $149. This looks expensive, but it is worth it. Market Samurai is very feature-heavy. It has so many uses that it will certainly pay for itself in the long run. There is a reason this software is used by thousands of internet marketers.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

This piece of software is a true winner, one of the best tools out there in this business. It will help you do research, it will help you create backlinks, it will help you create content. Every facet of internet marketing and SEO can in some way be done faster with Market Samurai. One of the only downsides is that it is price. $149 is quite steep. Luckily, there is a 30-day free trial. So try it out and see what it can do for you.