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URL Shotgun Review

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URL Shotgun Overview

Creator: Marc Ross

Launch Date: 2013-7-19

Product Type: Backlinking Software

Price: $22

URL Shotgun is a desktop software app that allows you to quickly create dozens of shortened, cloaked backlinks. Link shortening is a common internet marketing tactic, but shortening links using websites like,, and takes a lot of time, especially if you want to make dozens of diverse links (creating dozens of the same link incurs SEO penalties from Google). URL Shotgun “blasts” the URL you want to shorten through multiple link-shortening websites and delivers you the results so you can begin the backlinking process.

Who is URL Shotgun For?

URL Shotgun can be used by any internet marketer in need of diverse backlinks (so, literally every internet marketer).

Shortened backlinks are Google friendly and pass just as much Google Juice to your pages as regular, non-shortened links. However, using just a single shortened URL to create multiple backlinks may raise some issues. It is not natural that a single shortened URL would be posted more than once or twice, and backlinking is all about making your site look like it has naturally gained momentum on the internet.

But why use shortened URLs in the first place? There are many advantages to cloacked URLs and shortened URLs. First, shortened URLs are perfect for marketing on Twitter, where your marketing message is already limited to 140 characters, not including however many characters your URL is. Second, cloaked URLs may bring visitors to your site who otherwise, had they known what site it was, would not have bothered clicking.

URL Shotgun Features

  • Create dozens of shortened and cloaked URLs with one button click.
  • Saves you from having to manually fill out forms at URL shortener sites.
  • Constantly updated with the newest link shortenr sites.
  • Organizes your links into lists.
  • Makes money by using monetizes link shortening sites like
  • Works on Windows and Mac
  • No Monthly fees.
  • Easy to use.
  • Shortened links can rank your site fast.

URL Shotgun Ranks Your Site Fast

URL Shotgun Price

There are three URL Shotgun price tiers.

  1. Developer Version. The Developer Version is currently sold out, but may be available at a later time.
  2. 3-User Version. The 3-User Version, of course, allows three people to use a single copy of URL Shotgun. This is useful if you have an SEO firm or are working in a joint venture. The 3-User Version costs $27.
  3. Single-User Version. The Single-User Version costs $22.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

Creating multiple shortened backlinks manually takes a lot of time. URL Shotgun does it automatically, quickly, and effectively. As a time-saver, it is worth the price. But if your backlinking strategy does not involve shortened links, don’t bother with this product. If you are unsure, URL Shotgun has a 30-day money back guarantee.



Easy Azon Review

Easy Azon Review Banner

Easy Azon Overview

Creator: Chris Guthrie

Product Type: WordPress Plugin

Price: $47

What is Easy Azon?

Easy Azon is a simple WordPress plugin that can save Amazon affiliate marketers a ton of time. Easy Azon was created to reduce the amount of time it takes to put Amazon affiliate links onto WordPress websites. And that is exactly what it does.

Watch a video showing how it works right here.

Easy Azon allows you to quickly create text links, product image links, and product info blocks (which includes a photo, price, an order button, and a link to Amazon reviews). You can create these links directly from the WordPress dashboard, meaning you do not have to actually visit

Who is Easy Azon For?

Easy Azon is not for everyone. First, and obviously, if you are not an Amazon affiliate, you do not need Easy Azon. Second, and less obviously, if you are not dealing a dozen or more Amazon affiliate links a day, Easy Azon might not be that useful. Easy Azon saves time. If you do not post very many Amazon affiliate links on your site, Easy Azon will not save enough time to justify the cost.


Easy Azon costs $47, but it can save you hours of work a day, depending on how many Amazon affiliate links you are putting on your site.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

Easy Azon is a definite winner. I does exactly what it sets out to do: it saves time.


AWeber Review


AWeber Overview

Creator: AWeber Communications

Product Type: Autoresponder, Email Marketing Software

Price: $1 for the first month

AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing services on the internet, used by thousands of blogs and business owners. AWeber allows businesses to build an email list of subscribers and implement email marketing campaigns that incorporate mass email blasts, scheduled blasts, click-through tracking, and advanced analysis of opens and unsubscribes.


  • Email Templates: Aweber has over 150 customization email templates that cover a wide range of niches and purposes.
  • Signup forms: Create your own custom signup form or choose from dozens of pre-made forms.
  • Subscriber Management: Import contacts from other email services, or websites like Paypal and Yahoo.
  • Autoresponder: This allows you to send followup emails to your subscribers at set times, hands-free.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Track performance, how many people opened your email, which links were clicked on and how many times, and how many people unsubscribed from your list.
  • RSS: Automatically send your blog posts as emails.
  • Segmenting: Create sub-lists and group your subscribers according to activity or products. Targeted emails are more likely to get opened.
  • Spam Check: AWeber checks all your emails for spam content and tells you how likely it is that your email will get filtered by Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.

AWeber has 150 email templates.

AWeber has 150 email templates.


The first month of AWeber costs only $1. After that you will be placed in a pricing plan:

  • $19/month for up to 500 subscribers
  • $29 /month for up to 2,500 subscribers
  • $49/month for up to 5,000 subscribers
  • $69/month for up to 10,000 subscribers
  • $149/month for up to 25,000 subscribers

Review-Hub Final Verdict

AWeber is one of the best email marketing services. The numerous templates are easy to customize and look great. The customer service is quick to respond. There are a number of free live webinars and tutorials that answer all of your questions. AWeber is perfect for building email lists, affiliate marketing, and keeping in contact with your costumers. The one problem with AWeber is that it gets a little expensive if you have a lot of subscribers. With that in mind, AWeber is still highly recommended.

Get Cash for Surveys Review


Get Cash For Surveys Overview

Creator: Gary Mitchell

Product Type: Surveys Membership Site

Price: $74

What is Get Cash For Surveys?

Get Cash For Surveys is a membership site where businesses pay members for their opinions on products and services. After a one-time fee, you become a member and can participate in these surveys to earn money. There are many ways to earn money on Get Cash For Surveys. Members can get paid to give their opinions through email, over live chat and telephone. Members can also become mystery shoppers to help businesses improve their customer service. Some businesses pay members who get their friends and family to fill out surveys.

Price and Earning Potential

Get Cash For Surveys costs a one-time fee of $74. This is to keep the site running, pay people to get rid of spam offers, and ensure that the businesses only get individuals who are serious about the surveys.

After paying the fee, members are offered several types of paid surveys to choose from. Surveys are never forced upon members, and members usually have a wide variety of offers to look through. The surveys pay anything from $3 to $50. Members are offered 20 to 30 surveys every day. You can see how Get Cash For Surveys has some earning potential. Even if every survey pays $3, you can still earn $90 a day.



Review-Hub Verdict

Get Cash For Surveys is a winner. Anyone can join, you can work from home, and you actually get paid. There are no tricks or scams. If you are not sure, however, there is a 60-day money back guarantee.


Million Dollar Pips Forex Bot Review


Million Dollar Pips Overview

Creator: William Morrison

Product Type: Forex Scalping Bot

Price: $99

What is Million Dollar Pips?

Million Dollar Pips is a completely automated Forex trading system, also known as a bot. Million Dollar Pips works by opening and holding positions for only a few minutes, based on indicators and automatic analysis. As far as Forex systems go, Million Dollar Pips is very low-risk because it only holds positions for a very small amount of time.

Does Million Dollar Pips Work?

Yes, Million Dollar Pips can turn a profit. There are numerous on the internet of Million Dollar Pips making over 9,000% the initial deposit. However, many state that Million Dollar Pips works slowly at first. You may find that the bot goes days without opening any positions. This is because the software is looking for specific indicators. It is waiting for the right time, and if it does not spot those indicators, it will not make a trade. At it is often said by price action traders and Forex gurus, the best Forex systems are patient and objective.

Click the banner below to try it out.

Pros and Cons


  • The software is objective, using relevant trading data and complex analysis. Million Dollar Pips will not get angry at a loss and try to make its money back with rash decisions, like so many traders experience every day. Nor does the software trade on a whim. It relies only on data.
  • Million Dollar Pips includes an effective fund management system.
  • NFA compliant.
  • Low risk.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • 24-hour support if you have problems.


  • The software can be a little difficult to set up. Fortunately, the creator is easy to reach and willing to help.
  • Million Dollar Pips works better in some market environments more than others. If you see that the market is making a turn for the worst, it might be best to put Million Dollar Pips on pause for a few days. It is up to the user to determine when the time is right to use Million Dollar Pips. Used right, this software can triple your account.

Review-Hub Verdict

If you are looking for a Forex bot, Million Dollar Pips is one of the best available. Take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. Learn the software and try it out on a trial account for a month; if it does not work, simply ask for your money back!




Meme Press and Meme Generator Review


meme press review 1

Meme Press/ Meme Generator Overview

Creator: Brandon Bell

Launch Date: 2013-7-01 12:00 EDT

Product Type: WordPress Plugin, WordPress Theme

Price: $9 – $29

What is Meme Press?

Meme Press is a WordPress theme designed to work with Meme Generator. Meme Press looks like and, two of the most popular websites where users make memes.

What is Meme Generator?

Meme Generator is a WordPress plugin that allows users to generate humorous and possibly viral memes for your blog. Memes and meme-making encompasses a large portion of internet activity today. Meme Generator allows you to get in on the action.


  • Meme Press is a sleek and responsive theme.
  • Meme Generator is easy to use.
  • The viral nature of memes means that your user-generated content can drive traffic back to your site.
  • Posting the memes you and your users have made onto sites like can potentially bring in millions of views.


Meme Press Price


Review-Hub Verdict

Meme Generator and Meme Press are definite buys if you are looking to get into the meme business, or if you are looking for fun ways your users can interact with your site.


Lead Skimmer Review

Lead skimmer Review

Created by Geoff Stephen, founder of Global NPN, Lead Skimmer is a lead generation system that can be used to build a list and generate income at the same time by getting your leads to work for you. That is the claim, anyway. But does it actually work?

How Lead Skimmer Works

  1. The first thing you do is create an account at In your member area, you will get affiliate links, which lead to the Lead Skimmer capture page.
  2. Connect your Lead Skimmer account to your AWeber account so that you can build an email list.
  3. Start promoting Lead Skimmer using your affiliate links. There are dozens upon dozens of ways of getting your links out there.
  4. Your first lead, your second lead, and your third lead get passed up to your sponsor.
  5. You keep your fourth lead and ever lead after that. These leads get added to your email list and also start lead lines within the Lead Skimmer system.
  6. Every lead you get within a lead line will pass three leads up to you. Those three leads will each pass three leads up to you. This goes on indefinitely.

If that was a little confusing, maybe this Youtube video will help out.

The Premium Version

Building an email list with Lead Skimmer is free. You will have to pay for an upgrade if you want to use Lead Skimmer to make money.

The upgrade does two things. First, it allows you to start generating your own lead lines right away. You do not have to pass your first three leads upward to someone else.

The second thing the upgrade does is that it allows you to earn a commission from any of your leads who themselves buy the upgrade. If you do not upgrade, these commissions bypass you. If this looks like a pyramid scheme to you, well, it sort of is.

Lead Skimmer has two upgrade options. You can view these in your member area.

  1. A one-time payment of $44.95.
  2. A monthly payment of $39.97, bundling in a membership to Global NPN. Global NPN offers a suite of services, including autoresponders, website building tools, hosting, and internet marketing training. It is a little expensive, but might be worth it if you don’t already have any of these services.

Making Money With Lead Skimmer

If you upgrade, every lead in your lead lines who chooses the first upgrade option gives you a $25 commission. Every lead in your lead lines who chooses the second upgrade option gives you $25 every month in residual income.

Geoff Stephen made this video to explain the commission system.

Autoresponder Integration

Lead Skimmer works with AWeber, Get Response, or Global NPN’s MailMarketer Pro (which is included in the second upgrade option).

Does Lead Skimmer Work?

The short answer is yes, Lead Skimmer does work. It can help you build a list and it can earn you commissions.

The longer answer is that Lead Skimmer takes some effort in the beginning. This is not an internet marketing easy button. You have to get leads, and that means using any internet marketing tactic you know of. Purchase email blasts from other people’s lists; put your affiliate link into blogs; make a Youtube video, do whatever it takes.

The beautiful thing about Lead Skimmer is that there is a tipping point where your lead lines start growing on their own faster than you are adding to them through your own efforts. The system may at this point be put into autopilot, and you can concentrate on marketing to your new email list.

Review-Hub Verdict

Try it for free. Upgrade if you can put the time into marketing your affiliate link. It is easy to make a profit.