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P1 Content Magnet Review


P1 Content Magnet Overview

Creator: Peter Garety

Product Type: WordPress Plugin

Launch Date: 2013-7-23

Price: $19.95 to $49.95

Refund Period: 30 Days

Is your website fully search engine optimized? This is what P1 Content Magnet claims to accomplish. P1 Content Magnet is a WordPress plugin that emulates a Google crawler bot to let you look at your WordPress blog through the eyes of Google. It also gives you suggestions on word frequency, rich media content, Google Authorship, so that you can write posts that get your site to the front page of Google.

As far as SEO tools go, P1 Content Magnet is one of the most unique products that this website has reviewed.

How Does P1 Content Magnet Work?

P1 Content Magnet is installed the same way as any other WordPress plugin. Once activated, it will appear when you are creating or editing posts or pages. When writing a post, P1 will suggest ways to optimize your content.

Some things that P1 suggests you do are pretty obvious. It tells you to include rich media in every post, i.e, Youtube videos and pictures. Anyone who has been in the SEO business for a while knows that Google likes pages with rich media. P1 also tells you that each post should be marked up with Google Authorship. This may not be as obvious. A recent SEO study concluded that Google gives the highest value to pages with Google Plus integration. So be sure to keep that in mind.

Rich media content and Google Authorship aside, P1 has a lot to offer. For instanc, this plugin analyzes your post for word frequency. Exact keyword phrases are not as important to Google as having all the components of the keyword phrase included in your article with some frequency. If the keyphrase is “Katy Perry,” Google wants to see the words “Katie” and “Perry” in your article multiple times. But not too many times, as keyword supersaturation can look suspicious. P1 will optimize your content for word frequency from your highest priority word to your lowest priority word.

P1 Content Magnet will also suggest LSI words (keyword synonyms and words related to your keyword) making your content more trustworthy and relevant in the eyes of a Google bot.

Another thing P1 Content Magnet does is track the rank of individual posts. You can look at your highest ranked post and compare it to your lowest rank post using P1 Content Magnet, allowing you to see what works and use P1’s suggestions to fully optimize all your pages. P1 will track the rank of pages for primary keywords as well as secondary keywords.

P1 Content Magnet Price

  1. Single Website License price: $19.95
  2. 25 Websites License price: $29.95
  3. 100 Websites License price: $49.95

The main page states that these prices are subject to change.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

P1 Content Magnet is the most unique and effective WordPress plugin that this website has reviewed. Though there are many ways to optimize your webpage, P1 takes all the hassle out of it. You won’t have to research the best SEO strategies, and you wont have to constantly check Google Webmaster Tools to look at changes in your rank. All of that is done in-site, using a plugin. This product is highly recommended. If you are unsure whether it can help you, you can still try it out and get your money back within 30 days.

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Market Samurai Review

Market-Samurai- review

Market Samurai Overview

Creator: Noble Samurai

Product Type: Keyword Analysis Software

Price: $149

Market Samurai is an extremely popular multi-purpose marketing tool that aids you in niche marketing research. Some of Market Samurai’s features include a rank checker, SEO competition analysis, keyword research, domain research, instant affiliate ads, content searching and publishing, and backlinking. Though Market Samurai is mostly used for its keyword analysis, it is sort of an all-in-one online marketing tool.

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Who is Market Samurai For?

Market Samurai is for almost any internet marketer or SEO specialist. If you are in any way involved in the strange and ever-evolving field of SEO, Market Samurai can certainly help you out.

This software has essential tools that can make your life much easier. First, it monitors your marketing results, telling you what words and methods are getting the most responses and clicks, and which ones are simply not working out, thus allowing you to optimize your marketing.

Second, it analyzes the SEO competition of any keyword, clearly showing you which keywords are open for the taking and which have highly entrenched websites. You can also look up a certain competitor and find out what keywords and meta tags it is using, letting you learn from the best.

Third, Market Samurai locates available domains according to keywords that you input, letting you find catchy names and exact keyword matches.

Fourth, Market Samurai can help you write copy by finding websites and blogs with the information you need. IT also traces your own articles online.

Fifth, and best, this software performs extensive keyword analysis much more quickly than the Google keyword tool. It will tell you how many people Google your exact keyword every month, and, among many other things, how high the Cost Per Click is on that keyword or keyphrase.

Take a look at the results for the keyword “dog training.” You can see that it gives you a list of the top Google results for that keyword, along with how many backlinks each website has so you can have a perfect understanding of the competition.


Market Samurai’s Analysis of the keyword “dog training.”

If the above the above picture looks confusing to you, don’t worry. Market Samurai has a steep learning curve, but there are dozens of tutorials online to help you out.

Market Samurai Price

Market Samurai costs $149. This looks expensive, but it is worth it. Market Samurai is very feature-heavy. It has so many uses that it will certainly pay for itself in the long run. There is a reason this software is used by thousands of internet marketers.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

This piece of software is a true winner, one of the best tools out there in this business. It will help you do research, it will help you create backlinks, it will help you create content. Every facet of internet marketing and SEO can in some way be done faster with Market Samurai. One of the only downsides is that it is price. $149 is quite steep. Luckily, there is a 30-day free trial. So try it out and see what it can do for you.