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VideoMakerFX Review



Creator: Peter Roszak

Product Type: Video Creation Software

Price: $37 (with 100-day money back guarantee)

Launch Date: 2014-5-5

Videos convert leads three times more often than other mediums for advertisement. It takes time, skill, and often money to create good videos. VideoMakerFX is an all-in-one marketing video creator, with features such as animated characters and infographics, and instantaneous effects editing. This software is aimed at anyone who has a need for video marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. The videos are bright and attention-grabbing, and they take only minutes to make.

You can find six sample videos made in VideoMakerFX here.

How Does VideoMakerFX Work?

The software is surprisingly simple. Each video is made up of scenes, or slides. But these are not regular, boring, PowerPoint-like slides. One one side of the software, you see the slide play out; on the other side, you have all the options for effects, animations, text, and characters. As you select animations and put in text, the slide instantly updates, showing you what the finished product looks like in real time. At the bottom of the program, much like in iMovie, all the slides are lined up in play order, ready to be viewed and edited. You can export your completed video in minutes. The final product looks organized, professional, and fun.

VideoMakerFX Features

  • Over 50 Slides/Scenes, with more coming every month
  • Media and Music
  • Training
  • Marketing Presentations
  • CPA/Affiiate Themes
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Kinetic Infographics, Explainer Videos, Slideshows and Sales Videos

VideoMakerFX vs. Other Options

With video marketing becoming so popular, there are many services out there offering to make you videos. It is extremely simple to go on Fiverr and pay someone to make you a 30-second video, but using Fiver can quickly add up. Sellers often charge more for an HD copy, and if you buy 4 or 5 videos, you’re already nearing the one-time payment price of VideoMakerFX. I suspect, as well, that Fiver sellers will start using VideoMakerFX themselves.

You could also go the professional route. Hiring a video production firm or freelancer can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and get you a product that will resemble what VideoMakerFX can do.

You could make the video yourself. If you have no experience making marketing videos, you will have to spend precious time training yourself to use expensive software, or you will end up with a glorified slideshow. Or just a normal slideshow.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

VideoMakerFX is an affordable and easy way to make an unlimited number of high-quality marketing videos. It is well worth its price.

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YouTube Cash Blueprints Review


YouTube Cash Blueprints Overview

Creator: Patric Chan and Gerald Soh

Launch Date: 2013-10-29

Product Type: Video Marketing Guide

Price: $47 (with 60-day money back guarantee)

The YouTube Cash Blueprints program teaches you 4 YouTube business models that are used by internet marketers around the world. The business models are titled: (1) The YouTube Store, (2) Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing, (3) The Lead Generation Blueprint, (4) “Cloning” The YouTube Model. There is a fifth component to YouTube Cash Blueprints,  a guide to getting affiliate commissions with product launches. The fifth component includes a number of case studies to back up the program’s point, that it is, with a little work, possible to make money on YouTube.

Thoughts on YouTube Cash Blueprints

The worst kept secret of internet marketing is that there is no “holy grail” method to making tons of money. Successful internet marketers work harder than the unsuccessful ones, and that is the truth. Which brings me to one thing I like about YouTube Cash Blueprints. YouTube Cash  Blueprints is not one of those “easy-button” programs which promise untold fortunes. YouTube Cash Blueprints is a series of tried-and-true methods that others use to make money on YouTube. The methods and straight-forward, meaning you can easily see how they can earn money. These business models work. I see YouTube videos using the same strategies all the time. These business models are not exactly secret, but the value of Youtube Cash Blueprints is that you have easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes all in one place. You don’t have to search around the in deep recesses of shady internet marketing forums for the strategies.

This is all to say that, if at the end of the YouTube Cash Blueprints program, you do not make any money, it is because you did not actually take the time to implement the business models.

Who Is YouTube Cash Blueprints For?

YouTube Cash Blueprints is for anyone who wants to break into the growing video marketing industry. YouTube is becoming the center of internet marketing for several reasons. First, YouTube is free to use; you don’t have to spend money on a domain name and hosting just to do some affiliate marketing. Second, YouTube is extremely popular. Many people would rather watch a video than read an article, and the videos often convert better anyway. Third, YouTube is owned by Google, and, for this reason, internet marketers often find that they can get a YouTube video to the front page of Google far faster than they can get a website or article to the front page.

If you want to give this whole “YouTube thing” a shot, if you realize that, hey, it isn’t 2009 anymore, internet marketing is evolving, then the YouTube Cash Blueprints program is for you.

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YouTube Cash Blueprints Features

Blueprints comes with 4 YouTube buisiness models complete with step-by-step guides and in-depth explanations. Possible applications of these models range from affiliate marketing and dropshipping, to email lead generation and advertising.

The program also comes with a “launch commissions blueprint” made up of 3 case studies detailing how the program’s creator made, respectively, #257, $477, and $1,010, each with an hour’s worth of work.

Also included are several bonuses. One teaches you how to make YouTube videos, another how to rank your videos with SEO. Another gives you 400+ photos and graphics to use in your videos.

You can use these blueprints to:

  1. Start an online business with physical or electronic products
  2. Generate a passive income
  3. Create a large email list to use for yourself or sell
  4.  Actively seek out product launches and make commissions from them.
  5.  And more.

YouTube Cash Blueprints Price

One-time payment of $47. No subscription or recurring charges.

Review-Hub Verdict

YouTube Cash Blueprints contains loads of useful information for anyone who wants to start marketing on YouTube. You could spend weeks trying to seek out the same information on forums. The value of YouTube Cash Blueprints is that all the information is in the same place, and is easy to use and understand. As with most internet marketing products, there is a money back guarantee. 60 days, in this case, which is twice as long as most other products. So take a look by clicking the link below.

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