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Easy Azon Review

Easy Azon Review Banner

Easy Azon Overview

Creator: Chris Guthrie

Product Type: WordPress Plugin

Price: $47

What is Easy Azon?

Easy Azon is a simple WordPress plugin that can save Amazon affiliate marketers a ton of time. Easy Azon was created to reduce the amount of time it takes to put Amazon affiliate links onto WordPress websites. And that is exactly what it does.

Watch a video showing how it works right here.

Easy Azon allows you to quickly create text links, product image links, and product info blocks (which includes a photo, price, an order button, and a link to Amazon reviews). You can create these links directly from the WordPress dashboard, meaning you do not have to actually visit

Who is Easy Azon For?

Easy Azon is not for everyone. First, and obviously, if you are not an Amazon affiliate, you do not need Easy Azon. Second, and less obviously, if you are not dealing a dozen or more Amazon affiliate links a day, Easy Azon might not be that useful. Easy Azon saves time. If you do not post very many Amazon affiliate links on your site, Easy Azon will not save enough time to justify the cost.


Easy Azon costs $47, but it can save you hours of work a day, depending on how many Amazon affiliate links you are putting on your site.

Review-Hub Final Verdict

Easy Azon is a definite winner. I does exactly what it sets out to do: it saves time.


Meme Press and Meme Generator Review


meme press review 1

Meme Press/ Meme Generator Overview

Creator: Brandon Bell

Launch Date: 2013-7-01 12:00 EDT

Product Type: WordPress Plugin, WordPress Theme

Price: $9 – $29

What is Meme Press?

Meme Press is a WordPress theme designed to work with Meme Generator. Meme Press looks like and, two of the most popular websites where users make memes.

What is Meme Generator?

Meme Generator is a WordPress plugin that allows users to generate humorous and possibly viral memes for your blog. Memes and meme-making encompasses a large portion of internet activity today. Meme Generator allows you to get in on the action.


  • Meme Press is a sleek and responsive theme.
  • Meme Generator is easy to use.
  • The viral nature of memes means that your user-generated content can drive traffic back to your site.
  • Posting the memes you and your users have made onto sites like can potentially bring in millions of views.


Meme Press Price


Review-Hub Verdict

Meme Generator and Meme Press are definite buys if you are looking to get into the meme business, or if you are looking for fun ways your users can interact with your site.