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Product Type: Forex Trend Analysis Service

Price: $37/quarter


Forex Trendy is a powerful membership service that can save trend traders hours of analysis work every week. Forex Trendy automatically identifies trends and patterns across dozens of currency pairs and every time-frame, making it easy for traders to make the decision to buy or sell.

How Does Forex Trendy Work?

In a nutshell, Forex Trendy has servers which constantly scan every currency pair and time frame looking for trends and emerging patterns. Every trend and pattern it identifies immediately goes up on the website, where you can view them in graph or text form. Clients are able to stay up-to-date on every currency pair without having to use their broker software to single-handily analyze every chart.

After logging into, you will see three different pages: Trends, Patterns, and Settings. The service is simple and customizable, with the Settings page allowing you to deselect any pair and time frame you don’t want to deal with and set audio or email alerts for new trends and completed patterns.

The Trends page displays up to 20 live charts, showing you what it’s software has determined to be the best and most reliable current trends. Each chart has several pieces of information: the currency pair, the time frame, the direction of the trend, and the trend drawdown percentage. The trend drawdown percentage is hugely important as it is used to calculate risk. A 15%/72 pip drawdown means that the largest reversal in the current trend was a 15%, or 72 pips. Many traders, when setting up stop losses on such a trend, will set their stop loss for just over 72 pips, the idea being that a drawdown of over 72 pips heralds the end of the trend. The most risk-adverse traders will not enter a trade on a trend that has a drawdown greater than 20%.

The Patterns page displays any emerging pattern the software has spotted, including Flags, Triangles, Trend Lines, and Wedges. It would take hours to manually go through every currency pair and every time frame to find all current patterns. Forex Trendy does it instantly, and shows them to you with live charts so you can accurately determine your entry price and stop loss points.

Here is an example of a completed pattern as seen on Forex Trendy’s website:


Placing your mouse on the chart will show you the price of your mouse location.




Forex Trendy Features

  • Full access to up-to-date trend and pattern analysis of 34 currency pairs on multiple time frames.
  • Audio and email alerts for new trends and completed patterns.
  • Live charts of 34 currency pairs on multiple time frames.
  • Drawdown calculation for every trend on every pair in every time frame.
  • The ability to remove pairs and time frames from the Trends and Patterns analysis.
  • Market trend omniscience.
  • Ebook explaining Forex trends and patterns.
  • Automatic analysis using only price action and charts.

 Review-Hub Final Verdict

Forex Trendy is a powerful tool for any Forex trader who prefers to trade with the market and not against it. This is not for reversal traders or those who trade only on specific candlesticks. Forex Trendy is also not a trading bot, nor a get-rich-quick product. But if you like trading trends, this product can save you countless hours every week. It takes the guess work out of spotting trends, and it takes the detailed manual analysis out of looking for patterns. Forex Trendy, put simply, gives you the information you need to make smart trading decisions.

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My personal experience with Forex Trendy

This is not part of the review. This is simply some information regarding my personal use of the product for those interested in my trading strategy.

I am a very passive forex trader. I identify trends, put in a small order, and then check back in a week. I only close my orders when I feel that the trend is about to reverse, or has already reversed. Identifying trends used to take some work. I would have to open up multiple pairs and look for trends on either the 4-hour or 1-day time frames (I was too lazy to use any additional time frames). Forex Trendy has completely eliminated any analysis on my part, as minuscule as that analysis may have been. For that alone, it is worth it’s price.

I purchased Forex Trendy 4 days ago, and I have already captured over 300 pips. I simply went through all of the trends Forex Trendy spotted on any time over 1 hour, and placed an order corresponding to the trend. I then left my orders alone for 3 days. This is true passive profit.

As the laziest of Forex traders, I can personally recommend Forex Trendy.


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