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App Rush Academy Review

App Rush Academy Overview

Creator: Jeff Gould

Launch Date: 2014-5-1

Product Type: Video Series

Price: Free Starter Series

App Rush Academy is a free 4-part educational video series that teaches you the ins and outs of the mobile app industry and gets you started making your first mobile game app. Each video is about 30 minutes long, narrated by the product’s creator, Jeff Gould. The content of the videos range from myths about app development to how to break into and dominate the various app stores.

Along with the videos, you also get a pdf outlining everything he teaches in the videos and a download of an actual game project with the necessary sounds, images, and code, so you can see what goes into making a mobile game.

Thoughts on App Rush Academy

With the recent success of Flappy Bird, it is clear that making a quality, popular video game for mobile devices does not have to take much time or money. All that is needed is a little knowledge and a great idea (or a new take on an old idea, which is what Flappy Bird did).

Everyone needs a place to start, and with the app industry, App Rush Academy is as good a place to start as any. The first video details five essential steps for making money with apps. This video serves as inspiration for really taking app development seriously.

The second video shows you five myths about making mobile games and teaches you how to research the app marketplace and plan an app using common tools. This video comes with a list of definitions and a downloadable example of the app planning stage.

The third and fourth videos will be available when the product launches. They will show you how to actually build and market apps.

Who is App Rush Academy For?

This video series is for anyone who looks at an app store and wishes he or she had a product up there generating true passive income.  It is for anyone who wants to replicate the success of games like Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush Saga, or anyone who wants to make their ideas available to the world. App development is a multi-billion dollar industry, and anyone who wants a piece of that should give App Rush Academy a look.

App Rush Academy is for beginners. If you have experience in app development, there are definitely better educational resources for you to check out.

Review-Hub Bottom Line

App Rush Academy is informative, interesting, and, above all, free. There is really no reason not to take a little bit of time to give it a shot. You may realize you don’t really want to make a mobile game after all, or the videos may inspire you to actually start a new and exciting career.

Check It Out