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Trust Jacker Review


Trust Jacker Overview

Creator: Rob Jones

Launch Date: 2013-11-4

Product Type: Link Shortening

Price: $39.95

Trust Jacker is a link-shortening software that adds unblock-able advertisements (banner or pop-up) to the destination sites. Rob Jones uses the example of linking Facebook fans to a page on CNN.com. Many people will click that link, because they trust CNN.com. When people close the page, Trust Jacker shows them your ad. Simple, but pretty powerful. Trust Jacker is similar to Adf.ly, but you can choose the ad shown to viewers, making the possibilities for profits much greater than Ad.fly.

Thoughts on Trust Jacker

Trust Jacker is very innovative and powerful.

Sending traffic to affiliate websites or your own landing pages is difficult. Say you are trying to market your page on Twitter. No one wants to click a link to a site called homefinancialfreedom.com or theweightlossholygrail.com. These sites just look shady. They look like they are trying to push a product. Exponentially more people are willing to click a link to a big-name site, a trustworthy site. They will click a link to an article on oprah.com where she talks about diets. And after they read the Oprah article, they will be automatically directed to your weight-loss holy grail site.

I see Trust Jacker being used extensively on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and all those other social media sites. Trust Jacker is the perfect way to monetize a Facebook fan page. To use the weight-loss example again, say you have a Facebook Fan page about diets. Your fans are more than willing to click on links to major news and lifestyle sites with articles about diets.

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Trust Jacker Features

  1. Sharing links is as simple as copying and pasting.
  2. Fast setup.
  3. Works with SEO traffic, paid traffic, email and video marketing, forum links, social media marketing, and more.
  4. Full, responsive support.
  5. 30-day money back guarantee.

Who is Trust Jacker For?

Trust Jacker is for any internet marketer who wants another way to send traffic to their affiliate links, landing pages, ads, personal sites, client sites, etc. Trust Jacker is also for anyone who wants to make money online, and who is willing to spend a little time doing so.

This product is easy to use, but it takes some effort and creativity to truly make the most out of it. You must be willing to search for quality articles and web pages on trustworthy sites, determine weather your target audience will be willing to click to those sites (this may take some research or trial and error). You also need to find a CPA or affiliate offer that will work best with your intended audience.

For people already making money in internet and affiliate marketing, Trust Jacker can only increase your earnings. For people just starting out, Trust Jacker can get you your first pay check.

Review-Hub Bottom Line

Trust Jacker is a level above most of the products reviewed on Review-Hub. Trust Jacker is a creative, effective, and intelligent way of making money online. The idea of leveraging the trustworthiness of established sites is new and interesting. This software is highly recommended. Click the button below to learn more about it.

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